PREXELENT™ - Enhanced Purity and Hygiene for Many Industries

Benefits throughout the value chain, from reducing spoilage and waste to enhancing productivity and profitability

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In PREXELENT™, we have combined polymer modification know-how with our ability to find the right active agent to fight a specific microbe. Due to its versatility, this active antimicrobial technology can be applied in many industries. It is compatible with existing production processes and thus, commercially feasible. PREXELENT™ is the responsible way of fighting harmful microbes. 


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Preventing spoilage and enhancing safety in primary production

Ensuring the safety of our food demands biosafety and purity also in primary production. We have identified several usage scenarios where PREXELENT can help to maintain high hygiene - from silage films to antimicrobial surfaces! 

For silage films, PREXELENT offers excellent antimicrobial properties, maintaining silage's quality even in challenging weather conditions. Our tests with Natural Resources Institute have given promising results, showing that with Prexelent™ films the molding started later and mold growth was slow in all silage qualities. ​We believe that PREXELENT could substantially diminish silage loss.

Antibacterial resistance is a global challenge, and solving it demands many innovative solutions in different areas. We believe that our new technology could offer one of them, helping to reduce the use of antibiotics or other substances that are harmful to nature in primary production. The reduced use of antibiotics will ensure more pure and safe food for all of us. The antimicrobial properties of  PREXELENT can be a good choice for maintaining hygiene on different surfaces: counters, carpets, livestock drinking areas, workwear, etc. According to the test results it works against for example MRSA.

In primary production, all our PREXELENT solutions are based on resin whose antimicrobial and protective properties in agriculture have been known for centuries.


PREXELENT Antimicrobial-Silage-Film

PREXELENT can help to maintain high hygiene in primary production - from silage films to antimicrobial surfaces.

PREXELENT Antimicrobial-material-for-food chain

PREXELENT™ antimicrobial technology can be used to manufacture different plastic products, such as film or packaging, for the needs of the food industry.

PREXELENTfighting against food loss

PREXELENT™ has benefits throughout the whole value chain, from reducing spoilage and waste to enhancing productivity and profitability. The patented PREXELENTtechnology could offer one possibility to solve the global challenge of food loss. 

We have strong, scientific proof showing the technology's effectivity against bacteria such as listeria and salmonella that are harming especially the food industry. Thus, when using this technology for example in food casing, we can achieve significant improvements in purity and preservability.  If we can keep food fresh for longer, we have the potential to affect the global challenge of food loss, from farm to table.

With PREXELENT™, the active agent migrates to the material’s surface at a chemically controlled rate. The effectivity of the agents is activated by humidity or liquid. The idea of controlled release has been identified in many applications, and it works excellently also in plastic packages, making the package active. The technology can be used to manufacture different plastic products, such as film or packaging, for the needs of the food industry.

We can use numerous active agents with PREXELENT™ technology. First, however, we always ensure that all the agents used are safe, have been tested and are compatible with application-based regulations. This is the basis of all our development work. The idea of PREXELENT™ was originally based on resin, but in the food chain have naturally replaced it with application-compatible alternatives.


Securing purity and hygiene in healthcare

It goes without saying that in the medical sector extreme hygiene is of the essence. Premix is already working in the medical sector with its electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® and dielectric PREPERM® materials. Now, we believe that our antimicrobial PREXELENT solutions could offer additional benefits for the healthcare industry.  

Premix has a 40-year history of modifying polymers and extensive experience in the diagnostics and healthcare sector. We have researched the possibilities of PREXELENT technology for some years already and are currently operating with many esteemed research institutes to enhance and verify the research work. We believe that the active antimicrobial PREXELENT technology can be of great use in the healthcare sector and are happy to receive initiatives to develop it further!

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In the medical sector, extreme hygiene is of the essence.


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