Antimicrobial Solutions for Textiles


Do you remember how it felt to touch people? The corona pandemic has made us wary of touching other people, but the need for touch is universal, and the restrictions cause suffering. PREXELENT™ is an innovative technology with active antimicrobic features. It can be applied in textiles, combining the active material with fibers and fabrics. PREXELENT™ is based on natural and ecological pine tree resin.

Benefits of PREXELENT™ in textiles

(1)  PREXELENT™ can easily be combined with fibers and fabrics. A compound of PREXELENT™ and a polymer, e.g., PA, PP, PE, is added to the filaments.

(2)  PREXELENT™ active agents are released gradually on the surface of the textile. It is proven to kill harmful microbes throughout the life cycle of the material.

(3)  PREXELENT™ compound is recyclable and thus doesn't decrease the recyclability of the yearn or fabric it's used in.

(4)  PREXELENT™ active agent rosin originates from nature. It is nature's way to protect coniferous trees against microbes. The compounds do not contain any metals or other environmental burdens.

Protective wearables and gloves

PREXELENT™ is proven to work against COVID-19, MRSA, listeria, and salmonella. PREXELENT™ technology's antimicrobial features help improve general hygiene at workplaces as well as in private life.

Protective wearables and gloves made with PREXELENT™ are useful in professions where personnel is

  • in constant connection with patients or customers, such as healthcare or wellbeing services
  • handling products that need to stay hygienic, e.g., in retail or food services

The PREXELENT™ wearables and gloves can be washed and reused. This diminishes the amount of litter as well as saves in material costs. This is a good alternative to the throwaway culture.

When combined with conductive plastics, the PREXELENT™ materials

  • can be used with touch screens
  • can be used to prevent electric shocks
  • are even more hygienic being antistatic

Furniture for public places and transportation

In public places and transportation, people use the same spaces and facilities, they touch surfaces and sit on the same chairs as hundreds of people before them.

PREXELENT™ is proven to work against COVID-19, MRSA, listeria, and salmonella. PREXELENT™ technology's antimicrobial features can create more hygienic public places and transportation.

The PREXELENT™ compounds can be added to the fabrics used in furniture textiles. They are proven to release their active agent slowly, creating a lasting hygienic environment.

Protecting private belongings

Our belongings are in our control, but they aren't any safer than any other item you handle. When we take them to public places, we touch other surfaces and then our belongings. We might transfer harmful, like the coronavirus or the MRSA bacteria, from the surfaces to our belongings.

Textiles combined with PREXELENT™ materials can be used in private belongings to decrease the risk of contamination. They are proven to create a hostile environment to harmful microbes naturally, using pine tree resin that is recyclable and non-toxic. Create some added value to your beautiful designs!

Safe Touch logo

The PREXELENT™ trademark and the SAFE TOUCH logo will help end-users identify the health benefits of the PREXELENT™ technology in your end product.

The SAFE TOUCH logo can be printed on the product/surface. The logo has various colour versions to make it easier to fit your individual design.

Resin from nature protects from harmful microbes

PREXELENT Pine tree resin Premix Prexelent Technology
There is nothing new in antimicrobial plastics. They have been tested and developed for years already. Most of the solutions, however, are based on coating the plastic. In PREXELENT™, the active agent migrates to the material’s surface at a chemically controlled rate.

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Test results

The PREXELENT™ technology is patented and thoroughly tested by esteemed laboratories and research institutes.

PREXELENT™ Technology

Patented method of mixing an antimicrobial active agent with a polymer

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