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Pine tree rosin makes surfaces safe to touch once again 

The coronavirus pandemic has made us all wary of touching anything handled by others. Now, touching can be safe again thanks to a new rosin-based technology. Finnish company Coloro provides surfacing with Prexelent technology that kills coronaviruses and other microbes in just a few minutes.

During the pandemic, the virus spreads most easily through droplets in the air. Still, you can also become infected by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose, or mouth before washing your hands.

Touching safely and ecologically 

But touching cannot be avoided. For example, in a grocery store, the self-checkout has a touch screen, and you may need to touch door handles and shopping basket handles. The list of things you need to touch in normal life is pretty much endless. 

There are already many solutions in the market that claim to protect us from the coronavirus. What makes PREXELENT stand out from them is its efficiency and sustainability. 

According to recent research made in the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, PREXELENT  kills 99.7% of coronaviruses within 5 minutes. Silver, for instance, reaches equivalent efficacy in a matter of hours. 

As a product of the Finnish pine forests, it is an ecological choice, unlike its competitors like silver. Rosin-based PREXELENT is nontoxic to human beings, animals, and plants, and it does not bioaccumulate or pollute waters at the end of its lifecycle. 

Another differentiating feature is that when PREXELENT is mixed with a recyclable plastic, the end product is equally recyclable. 

Coloro meets the needs 

Finnish company Coloro, a provider of printing and branding solutions for retail, offices, and events, has chosen PREXELENT to create an ecological surfacing solution for touch screens and other surfaces touched by many people. 

"During the pandemic, we have constantly been offering and looking for new ways to help fight the spread of the disease. PREXELENT gives us a new opportunity to do just this. Since sustainability is essential to us as well as our clients, we are delighted to provide them with the first ecological solution to make touching safe again," says Coloro's CEO Jyrki Narinen. 

In practice, polyethylene (PE) plastic mixed with PREXELENT is turned into a film attached to the surface to be protected.

The new surfacing material has been developed in record time, with PREXELENT providing the microbe-killing technology and Coloro bringing its client and application knowledge to the table. Compared to competing solutions, choosing the ecological option adds no extra cost. 

 "Different technical properties are required from the surfacing in different applications. Our role has been to develop and test the solutions for them to find the best one for each use. Touch screens are our first target, but there are numerous potential application areas," says Ilkka Mattila, Coloro's Co-Founder. 

"Customers only need to recognize they need a microbe-killing surface, contact Coloro, and they will do the rest – find the right solution for the customer's needs, supply it, and install it." 

Interested? Contact Ilkka Mattila at Coloro 

Coloro CLR Oy is a Finnish growth company in the graphic industry. It focuses on coloring physical surfaces and maximizing the impact of its customers’ operations with exceptional passion. The management-owned company had a turnover of over EUR 7 million in 2019. It has major customers in the retail, marketing, and event industries.

PREXELENT™ technology

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