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PREXELENT™ – Protecting your health wherever you are

In modern life, phones and tablets are our constant companions, going everywhere we go. When we close the front door behind us, chances are we have at least our phone, keys, and payment cards with us. Since they are ours and seem to be always in our control, indeed they are safe to use – even with a coronavirus pandemic raging on?

Our belongings are in our control, but they aren't any safer than any other item you handle. Your keys are in your pocket, but you take them out and use them with the same hands that touched the door handle or handrail. You placed your phone on the counter at the café while you were paying – and the contactless payment didn't work, so you had to touch the payment terminal. You showed photos to a friend on your tablet, and he or she scrolled the display to see them all. You have no idea what their hands have touched! Can you even remember all the things you have handled?

People can easily pass on pathogens to others both directly and indirectly. When they touch an object or surface, they always leave something on it – maybe something reasonably harmless, maybe the coronavirus or MRSA causing a staph infection that is difficult to treat because of resistance to some antibiotics. There are always plenty of other viruses and bacteria around us, waiting for their chance to enter our bodies.

Minimizing the risk with PREXELENT™

So, when we share spaces with other people and our belongings come into contact with items handled by other people – directly or indirectly – we are always at risk of catching something. There is no possibility to clean the surfaces between each touch. So how to stop bacteria and viruses from spreading?

There is a solution: PREXELENT™ kills 99.7% of coronaviruses within 5 minutes from plastic surfaces. It can be applied as a film covering tablets, phones, or payment or ID cards. It can be an ingredient in the plastic that objects like key rings, tablet cases, and phone cases are made of. It can even be incorporated into fabrics as a fiber, making it possible to produce gloves and other accessories that make it safe to touch again.

PREXELENT™ technology

Patented method of mixing an antimicrobial active agent with a polymer

Thoroughly tested

The technology is patented and thoroughly tested by esteemed laboratories and research institutes. According to the verified test results, it is effective against COVID-19, mold, salmonella, listeria, MRSA, and other unwanted microbes.

Coronavirus protection: PREXELENT™ is proven to kill 99.7% of coronaviruses in five minutes.
Protection against MRSA bacteria: VTT research report verifies PREXELENT™ 99% effective against MRSA.

Test results

The PREXELENT™ technology is patented and thoroughly tested by esteemed laboratories and research institutes.

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PREXELENT™  technology can be used to keep our surroundings safe and for our wellbeing.


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