Test Results

PREXELENT™ antimicrobial features have been thoroughly tested

The PREXELENT™ technology is patented and thoroughly tested by esteemed laboratories and research institutes. According to the verified test results, it is effective against COVID-19, mold, salmonella, listeria, MRSA, and other unwanted microbes.

Proven to kill coronavirus

PREXELENT™ technology’s antiviral efficacy against SARS CoV-2 has been shown in a test carried out by Universities of Helsinki and Jyväskylä, Finland. In a persistence on surface test, the PREXELENT™ surface killed the SARS CoV-2 by 99.7% in 5 minutes.

Coronavirus protection

Finnish innovation PREXELENT™ kills 99.7% of coronaviruses in five minutes

Protection against MRSA bacteria

VTT research report verifies PREXELENT™ 99% effective against MRSA.

PREXELENT™ technology’s antimicrobial efficacy against MRSA has been shown in a test carried out by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland: Antibacterial efficacy of plastic samples. Test method modified from standard ISO 22196:2011(E) “Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces”.

Protection against MRSA bacteria

VTT research report verifies PREXELENT™ 99% effective against MRSA

Protection against other microbes

The materials have been tested in Helsinki and Jyväskylä Universities:

  • Against bacteria — The tests have been done according to the ISO 22916:2015 standard. PREXELENT™ has been tested to be efficient against gram-positive bacteria, such as S.Aureus and Listeria. For some gram-negative bacteria, such as Salmonella and Yersinia, it has proven to be effective.
  • Against viruses — PREXELENT™ has been tested to be effective against enveloped viruses.
  • Against molds — PREXELENT™ has been proven to be effective against molds.

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Resin from nature protects from harmful microbes

PREXELENT Pine tree resin Premix Prexelent Technology
There is nothing new in antimicrobial plastics. They have been tested and developed for years already. Most of the solutions, however, are based on coating the plastic.

In PREXELENT™, the active agent migrates to the material’s surface at a chemically controlled rate.

The idea of PREXELENT™ technology is originally based on an active natural agent whose antimicrobial properties have been known for centuries – the pine tree resin.

PREXELENT™ Technology

Patented method of mixing an antimicrobial active agent with a polymer

Our R&D Expertise

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