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Premix Privacy Statement 

Processing of personal data 

Premix is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes the ways in which Premix collects information on customers, prospective customers, vendors, or their contact persons, or otherwise from you when you visit Premix’s website. 

We may ask for your personal information so we can contact you, although providing contact details is not necessary when only visiting our website. When you visit our website, your device automatically sends us some technical information that may qualify as personal data (e.g., IP address, browser type, and where you have arrived from). Our website also uses cookies to collect information on how visitors use the website. The Cookie Notice provides more detailed information about this. 

Premix has separate Privacy Policies relating to recruitment and HR activities. 

Premix’s privacy policy for customers, prospective customers, website visitors, and suppliers 

Premix Oy ("Premix" or "we")
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2 Contact person for data protection matters
Mia Puhakainen
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3 The purpose and legal grounds for processing data 

Premix’s purpose for processing personal data is to: 

  • develop its services, sales, and the user experience;   
  • fulfill contractual and other promises and obligations
    – manage and develop customer relationships (including customer experience studies)
    – ensure efficient use of our website
    take care of communications, marketing, and direct marketing for business to business (B2B) customers;  
  • receive contact requests, respond to them, and send further information regarding the contact requests to relevant distributors.

Premix has a legitimate interest in processing personal data to manage its customer relationships, for marketing purposes, and to ensure efficient use of the website. Therefore, Premix might analyze and profile behavior to be able to provide customized services or content for customers. In order to manage its customer relationships, Premix responds to any contact requests and provides user support. Premix thus might contact you, either directly or via electronic and direct marketing or targeting marketing in Premix´s online services. 

Premix also processes personal data in order to fulfill its contractual and other promises and obligations, such as when implementing procedures prior to entering the contract, at the data subject's request. 

For non-necessary cookies, the consent of the data subject is used as a legal basis to protect personal data. Thus, by visiting our website, you agree that Premix may collect and use your personal data as set out in this Privacy Policy and acknowledge to be legally bound by this Privacy Policy and Cookies Notice (please see the cookie notice on our website at  

We may process personal data to comply with our legal requirements, for example, accounting and tax laws. 

In addition, personal data is used for ensuring the security of our products and services, for example, by keeping access logs and system backups, authenticating users, and preventing attacks. In such cases, the legal ground is typically our legitimate interest. 

We may also use personal data to defend and secure our own rights and our customers’ rights. The basis for processing data for the defense of legal claims, debt collection, credit checking, and prevention of fraud and misconduct is typically legitimate interest. 

5Types of personal data collected and categories of data subjects
Premix processes the following types of personal data of the data subjects: 

(1)         basic information of the data subject, such as name* and customer number; 

(2)        contact information of the data subject such as email address*, phone number and role* and department in the company*; 

(3)        information of the company and the company’s contact persons such as business ID, country*, address, website, phone number, and the names and contact details of the contact persons as well as their role in the company; 

(4)        information concerning the customers, vendors, and related agreements, such as information on past and current agreements and orders; and 

(5)       information collected separately based on the use of cookies or any activity carried out during the course of your visit to our website. 

The personal data marked with an asterisk in the contact form is necessary to deliver the product and/or service. Disclosing such personal data is a precondition for concluding an agreement and/or committing to a customer relationship. Without the necessary personal data, Premix cannot deliver the product and/or the service.   

6 Regular sources of data
Premix’s regular source of personal data is what the data subject has provided when they have e.g. sent a contact or information request to us, or what is otherwise collected when the data subject has visited our websites,,, or Personal data may also originate from Premix’s representatives based on their business actions with data subjects. 

Generally, when visiting our website, some technical and other information is automatically sent to us by your computer (i.e., IP address, the type of your browser, and the source of your visit). We also collect information about your website usage information by using cookies. You will be asked to provide your personal data when signing up for technical service (Data Center) or sending us a contact request. 

7Regular disclosures of data, use of subcontractors, and transfers of data outside the EU or the EEA
We do generally not disclose your personal data to third parties. In some instances, however, we need to disclose information regarding your contact requests to third-party distributors based on our legitimate business interest to be able to provide our products and/or services and to be able to manage our customer relationships. Additionally, we might disclose personal data to authorities or other third parties when required to do so by applicable law, or by a governmental body or agency. 

We use subcontractors for processing personal data on our behalf only for the purpose of storing data collected through our website in the subcontractor’s server. All the personal data collected from our websites (listed above) are stored in servers located in the EU area. However, we might transfer personal data outside the EU/EEA area (e.g., when a request or a task is transferred to a non-EU/EEA Premix Group company). We ensure that all of our data transfers comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable data protection laws. Thus, we use appropriate transfer mechanisms (e.g., European Commission's Standard Contractual Clauses) and otherwise ensure that personal data is adequately protected." 

8Data security and retention period
Only those Premix employees are entitled to use the system containing personal data that are entitled to process customer data based on their role. Each employee has a personal username and password to the system. The data is collected in databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Databases and backups thereof are located in locked premises and only certain persons, designated beforehand, may access the data. 

Personal data is stored as long as it is necessary for the purpose of use of personal data i.e. for the duration of the customer or other cooperation relationship. After that, the personal data will be effectively deleted or made anonymous. 

Premix regularly evaluates the necessity of storing personal data, considering the applicable legislation. Additionally, Premix takes care of the reasonable measures that are used to ensure that personal data that is incompatible, outdated, or incorrect concerning the purpose of processing the data is not stored but rectified or removed without delay. 

9 Rights of the data subject
The data subject is entitled to:  

(1)         access personal data concerning them; 

(2)         demand the rectification or demand the completion of incorrect or incomplete data, and where applicable, the deletion of such data;  

(3)          object to the processing of personal data in situations where the data is processed for Premix's legitimate interest as set out above; 

(4)         request restriction of processing their personal data; 

(5)         obtain their personal data and re-use it for their own purposes ('right to data portability') when the processing is carried out by automated means, to personal data provided by the data subject, and where the processing is based on the consent of the data subject or the performance of a contract; and 

(6)        revoke their consent where the processing is based on the consent of the data subject.  

Requests concerning the matter shall be delivered by mail or e-mail to the company address mentioned in section 1. Additionally, the data subject has a right to lodge a complaint concerning the processing of their personal data to a relevant data protection authority in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, generally in the EU country where the data subject lives, works, or where an alleged infringement of the GDPR has occurred. The relevant data protection authority in Finland is the Data Protection Ombudsman (in Finnish Tietosuojavaltuutettu), and the further contact details can be found on the Data Protection Ombudsman's website ( 

10 Changes to this Privacy Policy
Premix reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to keep it updated. If Premix makes any major changes to the way it processes personal data, the data subject will be informed in a way that is consistent with applicable data protection laws.  It is recommended to review this Privacy Policy from time to time to stay updated on any changes.