Decrease spoilage and improve the living conditions of cattle with PREXELENT® technology

Pinetree rosin* is well known for its protective properties, which have been commonly known for centuries. It is our hero ingredient and the starting point for our innovation.

PREXELENT® technology can be utilized in various areas of agriculture as rosin is approved for use in animal feed. We have identified certain harmful bacteria, causing for example typical spoilage issues in cattle feed and specific viruses and bacteria affecting the living conditions of cattle and pigs. Rosin with PREXELENT® technology can significantly improve your agricultural situation. For example:

  • Decreasing the use of antibiotics by improving the living conditions
    of cattle with new plastic surfaces, which decrease the amount of
    harmful microbes in the surfaces cattle are in contact with.
  • Increasing efficiency in the working processes with replaceable
    plastic covers with antimicrobial properties.
  • Better protecting your workforce against zoonosis (e.g. MRSA)
    with workwear and instruments with antimicrobial properties.

PREXELENT® is a very sustainable choice. The active ingredient is 100% natural, comes from coniferous trees, and is a by-product of the forest industry. Unlike many antibacterial substances on the market, it does not contain heavy metals, is biodegradable, and does not bioaccumulate. PREXELENT® technology and rosin do not affect the recyclability of the end product.

* Rosin is not registered by the EU as a biocide

A patented method of mixing
an antimicrobial active agent
with polymers.

The latest innovation from
Premix Group with 40 years of
experience in polymer modification.

A patented method of mixing
an antimicrobial active agent
with polymers.

A sustainable choice to
bring antimicrobial properties
to the surface of polymers.