A sustainable choice to bring
antimicrobial properties to the
surface of polymers

Pinetree rosin* is well known for its antimicrobial properties. It is our hero ingredient and the starting point for our innovation, which plays a role in making our world safer in a responsible way. We can assume the post-COVID life all around the world will be very different, for example, people paying more attention to the importance of higher hygiene practices.

Our purpose is to create a safe society with functional plastics. As a producer of plastic materials and compounds, we are fully aware of the negative effects that disposable plastics in particular have on the environment. Although our plastic solutions are far from disposable, we share this concern and take considerable actions for protecting the environment. We are constantly enhancing our production processes and material effectiveness, for example through reuse and recycling.

PREXELENT®, our latest innovation, is a very sustainable choice - the active ingredient is 100% natural, comes from coniferous trees, is a by-product of the Finnish forest industry, and unlike many antibacterial substances on the market, does not contain heavy metals and substances harmful to people or nature – it is biodegradable and doesn’t bioaccumulate.

* Rosin is not registered by the EU as a biocide

PREXELENT® technology and rosin do not affect the recyclability of the end product. The carbon footprint of rosin used in PREXELENT® is very small, as rosin is sourced from renewable raw materials. Adding rosin to plastic lowers the carbon footprint of the whole compound. If the plastic is made with renewable materials, the footprint will shrink massively. The end product and production methods used to produce the plastic play a significant role in determining environmental impact.

The Smart Choice

Many antibacterial substances on the market contain heavy metals and substances harmful to people, nature, and also bioaccumulate.

PREXELENT® does not.

A patented method of mixing
an antimicrobial active agent
with polymers.

PREXELENT® technology offers
numerous application

A patented method of mixing
an antimicrobial active agent
with polymers.

The latest innovation from
Premix Group with 40 years of
experience in polymer modification.