PREXELENT™ film provides extra protection while visiting your pharmacy

March 11, 2021

Rajamäki Pharmacy increased its safeguards against the coronavirus by covering desks and door handles with a film containing PREXELENT™. 

In Rajamäki Pharmacy, the corona pandemic has meant frequently cleaning surfaces, wearing masks, installing plexiglass dividers, and limiting human contacts. Even so, pharmacist Anne Ansolahti wanted to bring another layer of protection to the pharmacy to keep both customers and employees safe and healthy. 

"Customers don't like to touch door handles or surfaces that other hands have been in contact with – that is clear to see. That is why I became interested after reading a news item on PREXELENT™ in the media. As I searched for more information, I learned that tests have shown it kills coronaviruses quickly. So, we contacted the PREXELENT­™ reseller."

Anne Ansolahti, Pharmacist, Rajamäki Pharmacy

Our reseller Coloro's specialists installed a thin PREXELENT film on cash desks, prescription desks, and handles of delivery cabinets as well as door handles of the pharmacy. 

The PREXELENT™ film is almost undetectable; it is hard to see on the pharmacy desktops. You can only notice it by how the light reflects from the surface slightly differently. Also, the feel of the film is a bit different from an ordinary plastic film. 

This is why Rajamäki Pharmacy has information leaflets on the extra coronavirus safeguard for customers in the places where the PREXELENT™ film is in useThe pharmacy also talked about the protective measure on its Facebook page. 

Rajamäki pharmacy is still expanding its use of PREXELENT™ films. 

"Even though surfaces aren't the primary transmission route for the coronavirus, they play a part in the spread of the disease. We can decrease transmission risk with PREXELENT films. Our customers have thanked us for boosting out coronavirus safeguards,"

Anne Ansolahti, Pharmacist, Rajamäki Pharmacy

Pictures from the pharmacy installation. Click the pictures to enlarge them.

Facts about the installation

The installations in 
Rajamäki Pharmacy were made with a 100 μm thick film consisting of polyethylene plastic and PREXELENT™. The film does not contain any PVC with adverse effects on human health and nature, or silver. 

PREXELENT™ containing films can be used to cover any surface. It is available as an adhesive film or tape, or as a laminate and can be applied in particular to touch screens, fruit scales, shopping baskets, and trolleys, and covering different kinds of handles.

Coronavirus protection

Finnish innovation PREXELENT™ kills 99.7% of coronaviruses in five minutes

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