All our actions are in line with our company purpose: We create a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics.

At Premix, we aim to make materials that matter, materials that make a difference. The same applies to sustainability. We want to take actions that make a difference, both for products, people, and society. Sustainability is something we do every day. 

To make our sustainability work more visible and concrete, we have divided it into three main themes: People, Solutions, and Operations. People - the Premix team - are our greatest asset and we want to ensure their safety, health, and wellbeing in any way we can. And not just the Premix people, but our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, too. Our material solutions, on the other hand, improve safety in countless ways in many industries. Through them, we affect the safety of society in general.

Operations - how we work throughout the supply chain - is our way of ensuring a minimal effect on the environment. As a producer of plastic materials and compounds, we are fully aware of the negative effects that especially disposable plastics have on the environment. Although our plastic solutions are far from disposable, we share the concern and take considerable actions for protecting the environment. We are constantly enhancing our production processes and material effectiveness for example through reuse and recycling.


Our plant in Rajamäki is working on a closed cycle basis and produces zero emissions to water or air. We already have efficient recycling and reuse of waste, but we can always do better - this is something we are constantly working with. Recently, we've put several new and more energy-efficient machinery into use and thus, improved our sustainability. We are committed to an energy efficiency agreement and its objectives.

Although much has been already made and actions taken, we are constantly aiming higher and committed to these targets: 

    • Minimizing our waste
    • Reducing the amount of incinerable energy compared to recycled waste
    • Minimizing our energy consumption/kg (MWh) by 7,5 % by 2025
    • Minimizing our carbon footprint, for example by constantly finding alternatives for fossil raw materials
    • Supporting and finding new, sustainable ways of traveling



We believe in good chemistry - not just in our products, but in people too! We are fully committed to enabling a good working life, making sure that our personnel has the possibility to feel good about the work they do. It covers many perspectives from safety to wellbeing and from equality to rewarding and competence development. It is not a project or something that is carried out once a year, but an ongoing process that is done in interaction with all our people.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing
To put it short, we are devoted to ensuring these principals: 

    • Physical, mental and social wellbeing, including remote working and flexible working hours
    • Protective safety and guidance
    • Competence development and qualified leadership work
    • Employee surveys

Equality and non-discrimination

For us, equality is of top priority and we have zero tolerance for discrimination. According to our employee surveys, we are doing very well here. To keep it this way, we make sure that we have clear and common policies, rules, and processes regarding equality and they are being followed. In addition, Premix people have agreed to work and act according to the Premix Code of Conduct. We want to be trustworthy and act responsibly and ethically towards our customers, partners, employees, directors, and all other counterparts in Business. We expect the same high level of integrity and responsibility also from our suppliers, distributors, and other business associates.


Creating a safe and ultra-connected society with functional plastics - that's our company purpose. Through our electrically conductive and dielectric plastics we offer for example:

    • Solutions for healthcare and wellbeing
    • Solutions for fighting against harmful microbes
    • Safety in explosive atmospheres & protection from electrostatic discharge
    • Safe driving
    • Solutions to ensure ultra-connected society with fast wireless connections


Responsible Care® programme & Carbon neutral chemistry 2045

We are fully committed to the chemical industry's global Responsible Care® sustainability programme. In total, more than 60 countries around the world participate in this. In Finland, 98 companies have committed to the programme, representing some 80 % of all production in the chemical industry.

The chemical industry in Finland has set an ambitious goal, striving for the sector's carbon neutrality by 2045. Premix is engaged with these targets and is happy to join forces with the entire industry to reach them!